The Importance of Having Clean Carpets

Carpets in the home are still the number one choice for most people, as they give your home that comfortable feel. But few people realise why it’s important to get your carpets professionally cleaned on a regular basis.

We’re usually happy to lounge around on the floor playing with children or pets. That’s why it is so important to routinely maintain your carpets with vacuuming and spot-cleaning.  Unfortunately, vacuuming and spot cleaning alone are not enough to maintain the quality of your carpet. 

Professional carpet cleaning not only uses appropriate chemicals to remove stains and odours, the specialist machinery used is designed to pull out the most stubborn dirt and hairs from your carpet.  As well as stain and odour-removal, here are some other reasons your carpet will benefit from having a regular professional carpet clean:

We all regularly vacuum our carpets to remove dust and allergens.  If you’re a dog owner you may have noticed that doggy smell, particularly before and, even more so, after you’ve hoovered.  Hoovering helps but doesn’t completely remove the dust and bacteria.  Over time, rooms can start to smell unpleasant and feel extremely stuffy due to dirt and dust.  Your carpet acts as a filter, trapping pollutants that would otherwise be floating in the air.

Without having your carpets professionally cleaned, it can make symptoms worse for people susceptible to breathing problems, such as allergy and asthma sufferers, as well as other health conditions. Getting your carpets cleaned regularly literally helps your family breathe easier, especially the young and the elderly, by reducing the levels of dust, bacteria and dust mites.  Having your carpets professionally cleaned will not only leave your house smelling fresh and clean, the removal of particles will help enable a cleaner airflow

Regular carpet cleaning removes dirt and allergens

Dirt and dust can also build up in carpets, damaging the fibres. This can result in your carpets looking flatter, dull, tired and worn.  Regular carpet cleaning helps to stop dirt from damaging your carpets.  It also brings life back to your carpets, lifting the pile and leaving it fresh, soft and renewed.  Although stain removal is never guaranteed, the longer a stain is left untreated, the more unlikely it is that the stain can be removed.  An expert carpet cleaner will know exactly what chemical to use on which stains, also taking into account the type of carpet you have.

Your carpet is an important part of your home.  It’s the first thing that catches the eye as you walk into a room and it’s also the most susceptible to germs and bacteria.  Looking after your carpets and regularly maintaining them means they will last longer and you’ll need to replace them less frequently.  We recommend professional carpet cleaning twice a year for the average home, potentially more often if you have young children or pets. 

Clean carpets equal a healthier home and fresher air.  They will also look & feel great!

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